We have great relationships with many of the wonderful Crokinole Makers out there. If you enjoyed an event we have held, please consider using the following links on your next Crokinole purchase, some of the sales give us credit which goes right back into providing more Crokinole goodness into Chicagoland.

Tracey makes the finest boards in the land. They get used in the World Crokinole Championships and are the main boards you will find at Windy City Crokinole events.
BrownCastle Games sells laminate, wood veneer, and epoxy resin boards and is a leader in innovation. They makes some of the best accessories Crokinole has to offer including scoreboards and the nicest bags available for carrying your Crokinole board on the go!

NOTE: Please confirm you are getting a 5% discount at Checkout with code WINDYCITYGIFT. Currently if you are buying a bundle, this code is dropping off.